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Agent Icon is a tool provided by PenFed Realty that makes it EASY for agents to ENHANCE and INCREASE their social media engagement!       


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Let your followers know when a property is just listed, under contract, sold and more, at first glance by adding branded graphics to your photos—no fancy software or design skills needed!

  1. Pick a photo and text it to 316-799-3670 or email it to

  2. Receive a response in seconds, linking to dozens of design options.

  3. Download your favorite image(s) and post!

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Increase your frequency of social media posts without spending more time developing more content thanks to Agent Icon’s daily social media briefing emails, which include:

  • A professionally designed image of the day with real estate or motivational themes

  • A real-estate specific or financial news article

  • A good-news article to help spread positivity

  • A marketing or tech tip to stay on top of the latest trends

Enjoy access to hundreds of images on-demand with your branding for social media posts at

The library includes content perfect for posts related to:

  • First-time homebuyers

  • Luxury clients

  • Real estate investors

  • All potential buyers and sellers

  • General motivation

  • Important holidays

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