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PenFed Realty Concierge

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PenFed Realty Concierge is our exclusive service from PenFed Realty designed to help you attract new clients by transforming their moving process from stressFUL to stress-FREE. You now have access to this powerful platform that will make moving easy for your clients AND position you as their hero and forever agent. And the best part - it's free to you and free to your clients!



Exclusive only to your clients, PenFed Realty Concierge can be accessed via a website, mobile app, Siri/Alexa and HUMAN ASSISTANTS who will provide them with:

  • MOVING SERVICES: Arrange for movers, storage, car shipping address changes, utility setup, and all other tasks associated with their move.

  • ACCESS TO TRUSTED HOME PROS: You can enter recommendations for cleaners, painters, handymen and other trusted service providers.


WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW:  24 hours after you submit a contract, you will receive an email that your clients will be invited to use your (branded to you) Concierge Services.  There is an opt-out option in the email if you do not want this invitation sent. If you would like your clients to receive the invite, there is nothing for you to do - the entire process is automated.


  1. TEST YOUR ONLINE ACCESS: From your email invitation, click the “Get Started” button to create a password and access your account.

  2. CHECK OUT THE TRAINING VIDEOS BELOW to familiarize yourself with the platform.

  3. DOWNLOAD THE APP for your iPhone or Android mobile device.

  4. OPTIONAL: Enter any vendors you would like to recommend to your clients. This step is optional, but a great way to add your personal value to the system. We are working on populating the vendor database on a company level. Or your clients can simply speak with their dedicated Concierge specialist for a recommendation

For additional questions, please reach out to your branch leader or Agent Services Staffmember (ASA).

Important Links:

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Training Videos:

Your Client's Experience

Inviting Past Clients

Request Client Contact by Concierge

Viewing Client Activity

Disable a Vendor

Inviting Clients Manually

Resending Client Invite

Adding Vendors

Add a Vendor with Mobile App

Broadcast to Clients with Mobile App

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